Community Outreach

Giving Back

Over the years, Ventana del Pacifico has grown to be a steady contributor to community affairs. In particular we have made a significant positive impact on many levels and lives in the surrounding areas including Ojochal, Punta Mala, Coronado, Tres Rios, Ciudad Cortes and Palmar.


Road development and maintenance is a responsibility of each of the communities. City Hall is not able to contribute the funds required for all of these roads so an alternative plan was required. However, the communities themselves are still developing and also do not have the funds to insure safe and efficient roadways are built and maintained. Taking our responsibility to these communities to heart, Ventana del Pacifico is a consistent contributor of funds or heavy machinery. In this way, we maintain our commitment to the community and provide them with the basics that might otherwise be left as a short fall.


Costa Rican school children benefit from one warm meal a day, provided by their school. However, it is costly to maintain these kitchens. Ventana del Pacifico builds and maintains these kitchens, insuring that they are in a constant operational state so that the children never miss a meal. We also paint and refurbish the school as well as donate materials and equipment to be used in the building of new education centers.


Each of the local communities aim to build a community center where the youth can gather to exchange ideas, discuss contemporary themes that impact their lives or engage in a friendly sport challenge. In order to achieve this goal, Ventana del Pacifico has become a significant patron. We donate materials and labor for repair, upgrade or simply build the center. In keeping with our interest in developing young minds we donate audio visual equipment to the Ojochal community in support of the youth group. In addition, we have donated four playgrounds to local communities, in coordination with City Hall.


Our company wishes to do more than just assist the communities. We endeavor to truly belong. As a result, Ventana del Pacifico financed its own soccer team for two seasons. Team members were employees of the company. These teams were met with great success on the field. Knowing the passion that every Costa Rican feels for this sport, this forged a great team spirit and a sense of pride and belonging to Ventana del Pacifico. The success was so pronounced, the team rose to participating in the National championships and came within reach of receiving a spot in the semi-professional circuit. Currently, we maintain our involvement by contributing to local soccer competitions, supplying uniforms, trophies and prize money.


Christmas is an exciting time of year and in Costa Rica, it is no different. You will find homes decorated with lights, trees and abundant poinsettias. Since the year 2000, Ventana del Pacifico gathers over 500 children and adults to participate in the festivities. Organized for months in advance, the celebration includes a delicious roast pork meal, games, clowns and most importantly, the arrival of Santa when all the children receive their very own special gift.


Some events require dedication that surpasses the anticipated norm. We at Ventana del Pacifico believe that we are more than just a company, we are family. And family steps in during times of great need. There have been occasions where an individual has lost a close family member and did not have the financial resources to deal with arrangements. In keeping with our vision, we have provided the funds to cover the necessary expenses. And there are other, more personal stories.

Here is a letter of thanks from Nelson who is now a special member of the “Ventana” family:

“My name is Nelson Madrigal. I am married to Karen Chavarria, we have 2 children and we live in Ojochal, Costa Rica. I write to you with all respect and sincerity. I started to work at a very young age with my father to help him with the household bills. Then, I worked for various employers, some of which were irresponsible and didn’t fulfill their responsibilities, such as the right of a thirteenth month, holidays, social security or fully comprehensive work insurance.

One day when I was at work, I hurt my knee and my boss would not accept his responsibility. As I didn’t have an insurance policy, the medical bills were too high. Through social welfare minimum insurance, I was operated 3 times, with no success. The doctor advised me that I would experience further deterioration. This accident occurred in the year 2000. Afterwards I started to look for other work but it was impossible due to my incapacity. My health and economic situation got much worse.

In 2003, a very close friend, Jorge Cortes, recommended me to Ms. Sylvaine of Ventana del Pacifico, for the position of guard. At the start, I tried to hide my problem with my leg for fear of losing my job. But it was so painful and obvious that Sylvaine became concerned and ask me about the situation.

She got involved and surprised me by saying: “Nelson, I am not going to fire you and you don’t have to worry about your future.” Just as she said, she built a house on her property for us, which I didn’t have to pay towards. Sylvaine brought an orthopedic doctor from the States to examine my knee. The doctor found that my knee was never going to recover if left as it was and the only solution was reconstructive surgery. Although Sylvaine is a very busy woman, managing a company of more than 500 employees, she took charge of making an appointment and taking me to a private clinic in San Jose, on September 7, 2007. She was always concerned for my health, visiting me in the clinic, supporting both psychologically and economically. She took charge of all the medical costs. The operation was a success thanks to God and Sylvaine.

Now I can keep on working. My salary is much higher than what I was paid previously and I enjoy all social and work benefits. I declare that Sylvaine is a good employer and a very humanitarian person. She will always be a friend of my family.

My family and I are very grateful to Sylvaine. May God bless her for all the things she has done for us.”

Nelson Madrigal Marin