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Phase 10 Master Plan Approved

We are very pleased to announce that the lengthy process of obtaining individual property titles in Phase 10 has finally been completed!  Ventana del Pacifico has been granted the final government seal of approval from the Urbanism Board and the Master Plan has been released.  We are now in the process of delivering individual plot maps to the Land Registry Office which means that we can begin transferring and registering title to each property owner. 

We fully appreciate the concern you may have experienced while we faced unexpected delays which were beyond our control and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.  We thank you for your patience and look forward to accomplishing the final few details to fulfill our obligation to you.


Coastal Highway South Of Quepos To Be Finished This Year

The end of work on the Costanera Sur (or Coastal Highway South) is in sight. The transport ministry said that by the end of the year, the entire 42 kilometers (26 miles) between Quepos and Dominical will be paved. The improved road will significantly reduce the driving time from San Jose to Ventana del Pacifico .. This is a considered to be a major infrastructure improvement valued at almost $40 million that will greatly increase accessibility to the southern region.

The project is seen as a boon to tourism and a way to reduce traffic in the Central Valley.

In addition, transport officials said that critical bridges should be finished by the middle of the year. Work had been stopped by damage sustained from the October floods.

The Costanera Sur already has been graded. That was a $17.7 million job that included installing drainage systems.

The final paving is in two contracts. Consorcio Meco-Santa Fe has the job between Savegre and Quepos. That stretch is about 19 kilometers (about 13 miles) and will cost $16.4 million. The section from Savegre to Dominical is 22.6 kilometers (about 14 miles) and the responsibility of Constructora Solís-Sánchez Carvajal. The contract is for $15.5 million.

In both sections the workers will install a 30-centimeter (12-inch) sub base, a 20-centimeter (eight-inch) base and a 13-centimeter (5.1-inch) road surface.

The Costanera Sur was one of those projects that was much talked about and promised by every administration for the last 30 years because of the obvious beneficial impact on the area along the central Pacific coast.

When the road is finished, trucks can easily go north and south along the coast without traveling on the Interamerican highway that goes through San José and Cartago. That is possible now but the condition of the road makes travel risky in bad weather. Trucks from the north and south also will be able to avoid crossing the central mountains twice to go from one border to the other.

The Meco-Santa Fe contract has a deadline of eight months. The Solís-Sánchez Carvajal has a 10-month deadline, according to the Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes. However, there are provisions for extensions if bad weather intervenes.

Most of the bridges on the road also are expected to be finished by the middle of the year. The span at Parrita, a $3.7 million job will have a cycle path and a pedestrian walkway. A bridge over the Río Naranjo is valued at $2.8 million.

Bridges at Hatillo Viejo and Hatillo Nuevo are already underway and workers just began to rebuild and widen a bridge over the Río Savegre.


Costa Rica – The Most Democratic Nation in Latin America

According to the annual Latin American Index of Democratic Development released in September, Costa Rica holds the top stop for democratic nations. The study concluded that half of Latin American countries have a low level of democratic development. Only the 3 countries with the highest scores (Costa Rica, Chile and Uruguay) have not been subject to any crisis in recent times. This is Costa Rica’s first year in the top spot showing a 6% improvement over last year’s scores. Regarding social indicators, Costa Rica saw its ratings soar in 2008. This is a strong sign that Costa Rica is a solid place to live and invest.


Our Costa Rica Real Estate Properties

Our properties are developed in harmony with nature by preserving primary forests and protecting wildlife corridors. Located just north of the Osa Peninsula, where the mountains meet the sea, unparalleled natural beauty characterize this region as one of the most desirable locations in Costa Rica.

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Ventana del Pacifico’s Phase 9 Passes Final Segregation

Our Phase 9 project, also known as Palm of the Tropic, just completed the last step in the long process of preparing a development for titles to transfer. It can take several years from the inception of a development, to getting permits to begin the infrastructure such as roads, water and electricity. All of our properties are registered to protect the buyer because of our obligation to provide these basic services. There are at least seven levels of approvals with different government branches and utilities that must be met prior to getting final segregation. With final segregation, the titles can be legally transferred to owners who have fully paid for their properties and we will be contacting them shortly. Also on the horizon are final approvals for Phase 10, or Natural Waterfall of Osa, as we wait for new water regulation approvals to be completed.


The Brand New Hospital de Osa is Now Open and Just Minutes from our Chontales Project

After only about a year in construction, the promised new hospital for the area – Hospital de Osa – officially opened its doors in May 2008. It replaces the older, out-dated hospital in Cortes which is now closed. The Hospital de Osa is a state-of-the-art facility covering over 80,000 square feet in multiple buildings. There are 23 departments with 10 general practice doctors plus 7 medical specialists all supported by 30 nurses. The hospital is available to everyone including non-residents and tourists and the quality of healthcare provided is superior (as reported by members of our staff and property owners that have already had to use the services available).


Caldera Highway Work from San Jose to Jaco is Well Underway

Construction began recently west of San Jose on the first phase of the long-awaited Caldera highway project, which will provide a much faster route to the Pacific coast. Plans for the 77 kilometer (48 mile) highway have been in the works for years and have finally broken free of bureaucratic quicksand. The project carries a $230 million price take and construction will cost motorists extra time as it will temporarily increase congestion even with the implementation of numerous traffic management plans. The existing route is a slow, winding, two-lane highway that crosses the Aguacate pass while the new highway could reduce travel time between San Jose and Jaco by as much as an hour. This is a significant savings and offers more accessibility to the central and south Pacific coastal areas of Costa Rica where Ventana del Pacifico is located.

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