Our Real Estate Properties

General Information

Due to the varied topography of the area, each property has its own unique characteristics. The lots vary in size from ¼ acre to several acres and start at $40,000. Prices are determined by the views more so than by the size. The views can include the ocean, mountains, or valley – or some combination of all three to truly take your breath away. Plus, several of our properties run alongside crystalline rivers or creeks which add the calming element of flowing water to your dream space.

All lots are fully serviced with roads, water and electricity. Many are ready to build now, while others are in “pre-construction” thus offering special pricing.

The water is brought down from the mountains and is regularly tested for purity. The water in Costa Rica is generally very safe to drink.

Electricity is the same as in North America, so no special adapters or plugs are required.

Even though Ventana del Pacifico owns 1,000’s of acres, debt-free, only a very small percentage of that land will ever be developed. Much of it is primary forest, therefore legally protected, or it is land that will be set aside as additional green space for everyone to enjoy.

A portion of all property sales goes towards local roads, school improvements and reforestation efforts.

Note: Only properties with road access will be presented so that you can be sure that all the necessary permits have already been approved to allow the development to commence.


Development Process

The steps required to be a developer in Costa Rica are many and often complicated. Our close collaboration with all levels of government and utility services ensures that we maneuver through this process as quickly and efficiently as possible, shielding you from the arduous and ever-changing regulations to which we must comply. To help preserve the stunning beauty of this area, we are strong advocates of the stringent environmental restrictions and building by-laws.

Ventana del Pacifico has grown to be one of the largest developers in Costa Rica with a long-standing reputation of integrity and professionalism which has earned us the status of being the benchmark for other developers to follow. At Ventana del Pacifico, you can invest with confidence because there is proof at every turn of our commitment to continually deliver the highest standard in quality and value.