Environmental Responsibility

Going Greener

At Ventana del Pacifico, we take great pride in designing and implementing specialized methods which restore, conserve and enhance the natural environment that we own and manage.

We adhere to this strict promise by only purchasing land for our developments that were utilized as either pasture land or renewable lumber plantations. In this way absolutely no primary or ‘virgin’ forest is ever disturbed.

It is imperative that no negative impact on the building sites and surrounding areas take place during any phase of development. All field work is done in accordance with strict legal and environmental policies.

Ventana del Pacifico consistently restores vegetation in addition to creating green spaces and implementing rain water management in areas where soil may have been moved as a result of the development process. As a further highlight, a variety of shrubs, trees and grasses are planted which insures that the potential for erosion is completely avoided.

Protected forests and waterways such as creeks and springs, large or small, are cherished areas. By increasing the vegetation with a variety of native trees, we continue to work in conjunction with the environmental policies and adamantly agree with the aggressive environmental sanctions delivered by the Costa Rican government.

In many cases, we will designate untouched forest areas not officially deemed ‘protected’ as permanent green spaces within our projects to further enhance our commitment to environmental harmony.

"We are not interested in what the forest or jungle would supply in terms of materials but rather in what benefits its protection would provide, such as the conservation of the biodiversity of the flora and fauna, the increase of water sources and other natural resources for future generations." Ing. Nuvy Arnaldo Moya Alcantara, Manager of Ground Conservation and Reforestation