Historical Background

From the Beginning

Ventana del Pacifico arrived in Costa Rica in the late 80’s. As a company with extreme ethical and environmental values, we were horrified at the condition the previous corporations had left behind. However, we have always been committed to developing in a sound and pro-active manner; we decided that we would work diligently to turn the situation around.

In the 1940’s, the opening of roads and the construction of the Pacific railroad to the Osa Peninsula attracted foreign companies, in particular the United Fruit Company which focused on banana production and wood extraction. As companies such as this established the future appeared optimistic for the workmen and their families who flocked to the area to fill the demand for manual laborers.

With no long term plan implemented, the availability of immediate resources began to deplete. The laborers demanded better working conditions but the companies were not compliant. These companies robbed the land at their will for 45 years, deforesting large tracts of land to allow for their exploitation. They were not monitored or penalized for this atrocity. This ravaging of the land has had a considerable effect on the local environment and to this day, traces of this exploitation are apparent.

Long overdue, the Costa Rican government revoked their operating privileges. En masse, these companies pulled stakes and left the country. By the mid 1980’s entire populations were without employment and were existing in precarious living conditions.

Ventana del Pacifico faced this tragic legacy and decided to come onto the scene committed to turning the situation around. As one of the first companies to establish itself in the residential field in the Osa Peninsula, we worked diligently to develop employment opportunities and began to form important strategic alliances with the local businesses.

Today, our company has grown and with us many families, companies and local Costa Rican institutions have grown as well. We currently employ hundreds of employees who receive a full benefits package as well as the opportunity to develop personal growth. The alliances built with local businesses have also strengthened as we continue to work with these companies to provide us with goods and services.

Ventana del Pacifico is aware of its continued responsibility to the community as the areas largest employer. We take great pride in our achievements for the responsible development of the land and the opportunities that we continue to provide to individuals and companies alike.