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Dedicated to Serving You

The accomplishments of Ventana del Pacifico are a direct result of the passion and dedication of our tremendous team. Many of which have been with the company from the beginning and others have joined as a result of the overall growth in the South Pacific region of Costa Rica. Everyone, from management, to office workers, craftsmen, and construction laborers, takes pride in being a member of the Ventana del Pacifico family and share a commitment to being a positive part of this lovely community.

Our entire team, from the architects, lawyers, engineers and designers to the Guest House staff, are the best in their fields. With superior knowledge and extensive experience, they are ready to help you realize your dreams.

Here are just some of our key team members… and your future neighbors!

Sylvaine Pilault's Video

Sylvaine Pilault's Testimonial


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Sylvaine Pilault

Founder & Developer


Project Coordinator

Robert Laroche

Design & Construction Director

Sonya Salojoki

Construction Services

Jeffrey Guzman

Human Resources


Pic to Come!

Tina Northern

International Office Manager