Ventana del Pacifico


Charles and Jane


Kiran and Dipti


Terry and May


John and Reta

"We are looking forward to spending our winter months down here in Paradise! Can't wait to bring our children out it is so beautiful here. Thanks so much for the awesome friendships we have made. We don't remember the last time we laughed so long!"

Lee Ann, Randy and Cindy, Canada (p.s. looking forward to being with like minded people.)

"Thank you for an amazing time. We didn't quite know what to expect — but we are leaving with feelings of excitement and anticipation as we embark on our new life project. The warmth, hospitality and food were amazing. We can't wait for our next trip!"

Carol and Juan, USA

"Thank you dearly for inviting us into your home — a very beautiful, wonderful world indeed. It will most definitely change our lives and put us another step CLOSER to our dreams. Everyone was extremely friendly and professional - just wishing we could bring them back home."

Sincerely, Greg & Rebecca, Canada

"Our trip back to "Eden" has only reaffirmed our decision to pursue our move from the "frozen north" to our new lifestyle in Costa Rica - just sooner!! Thanks to all for the unending support and information - we couldn't do it without you!!"

Karen, Dave & Brendan, Canada

"We arrived here looking for land - we leave with a wonderful new family and a slice of paradise - Unbelievable how grateful we are!!"

Gracias por todo Todd & Leigh, USA

"Thank you for providing us with a fabulous opportunity to pursue a lifelong dream! You are marvelous hosts. We appreciate the time you gave us, and your honesty and integrity. Our dream is now becoming a reality and we look forward to joining you in the community as neighbors and friends."

Gracias Ross & Jan, Canada