Visit Costa Rica


In order to ensure a comfortable, professional experience for all of our Guests, please refer to these simple visit policies:

1. Book early to avoid disappointment because the availability at the Guest House is limited.

2. Pay a nominal deposit of $500 prior to your visit. This deposit will be credited 100% towards the purchase price of whichever property you select. Plus, you will receive an additional credit of $1,000 off the purchase price to offset travel costs. Since Costa Rica is a vacation destination, a deposit is required otherwise our Guest House would be filled with people on holiday rather than with serious investors.

3. Bring your check book to reserve your favorite property. We regret that we cannot hold a property without a 10% deposit.

4. No children under 12 years old can be accommodated at the Guest House. Even though Costa Rica is a fantastic place to bring children, it is best to bring them along another time when you can focus on them and they can participate in suitable activities. There could be several guests visiting concurrently and children can be distracting to the business at hand. In addition, the Guest House has not been designed to be child-safe and the property tour can be boring for children. To be sure that everyone has a productive, rewarding experience, we hope that you understand and appreciate this policy.

5. Take the commuter flight rather than drive from San Jose. The commuter flight is by far the best way to get a good overall view of Costa Rica and is well worth the price. Driving conditions can vary depending on the conditions (e.g., construction, weather, traffic, directions, etc.) whereas the commuter flights usually run on schedule. We will pre-book the commuter flights for you since seats are extremely limited. We cannot delay the start of the property tour if you are late due to driving and you will not be able to “catch up” due to the expansiveness of our development.

6. Cancellation policies vary with the different hotels and transportation so, if your plans change, please let us know right away so that we can make the necessary adjustments and try to avoid cancellation fees.

7. All travel expenses to our area are to be paid by the Guest. We can assist with many of these arrangements.

8. We cannot extend your 2 day/2 night stay at the Guest House due to the high demand but we can assist with reservations at local hotels.