Our Philosophy for a Better Community

A Founder´s Message:

While vacationing in Costa Rica in 1989, we fell in love with this country; the lush mountain ranges rolling to the ocean as well as the raw nature and abundant wildlife, specifically in the southern pacific region, took our breath away. When we learned of land that was for sale, whether on a whim or a vision, or what we’d like to think was a combination of the two, we bought the land right there and then.

Following the purchase, many of our friends, family and acquaintances asked if they could buy a small piece of land to enjoy for themselves. We agreed…and so began Ventana del Pacífico.

Many generations ago, the Costa Rican government decided the Southwest part of the country would be opened up for agriculture and settlement. To promote this end, willing families were encouraged to move to the area and work the land. After laboring and persevering for many years, they left lush pastures and clearings, interspersed randomly throughout the region. It is on this land and this land only that we are allowed to build your home. The old growth forests that support the massive amount of biodiversity in the area will never be touched; preserved for generation after generation far into the future.

Our entire operation is dedicated to doing our part to maintain the very environment that drew us to this area in the first place. This is of the utmost importance to us since we live in Costa Rica. This is our home. We have been developers since 1990 but most importantly we are now, and forever, your neighbors.

From breathtaking 180°ocean views and gorgeous mountain views to spectacular river properties, there is a choice property for everyone. Whether you are interested in purchasing land, building a dream home or enjoying retirement your investment will be preserved. Come visit us and you will find a property beyond your wildest imagination.

Sylvaine Pilault
Ventana del Pacífico Founder and Developer

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