Ventana del Pacífico increases the Chontales of Osa tree canopy by 100%

* More than 300 hectares of these real estate projects are protected forest.

In 2002, when the Ventana del Pacífico company bought 677 hectares of pasturelands in Chontales de Osa they barely had a 23% forest cover.

By 2022 the forest cover on these properties has reached 50%. In a period of 20 years, VDP has managed to increase the amount of land covered by forests by 100%.

This significant change is reported in a soil study conducted by Forestry Engineer Leonardo Espinosa, comparing the official forest cover maps Inbio 2000, Fonafifo 2005, Digital Atlas of 2022 and Google Earth satellite photos, shown below.

“This is great news! It is the result of 20 years of our company’s sound environmental practices, compliance with environmental legislation and intentional effort”, explained Jean Marc Levesque, General Manager of VDP.

“When we acquired the properties, 77% of the land had been cleared for various uses. We have recovered almost 200 hectares for forest and green area – 339 hectares of protected forest cover in Chontales de Osa”, he added.

Setting An Example

VDP’s Chontales de Osa development is comprised of 8 real estate projects and it is a goal for them to be surrounded by the greatest amount of forest and biodiversity, as an active part of the Paso de La Danta Biological Corridor.

“We are working to be an example to the whole of the Costa Rican development community that sustainable development and construction in harmony with the environment is possible.

We work and live in the region with the greatest biodiversity in Costa Rica, and we are actively protecting and nurturing this great natural treasure,” said Sylvaine Pilault, owner of the company.

¡Chontales dresses in green!

Thanks to Ventana del Pacífico’s sound environmental practices, compliance with environmental legislation and intentional effort, the company´s 677 hectares in Chontales of Osa are gradually turning green. The lands have gained 150 hectares of new forest in the last 20 years, going from 153.5 in 2002 to 339 hectares of forest and green space in 2022. This represents 50% of the area of the projects, as shown on the land use maps prepared by Forestry Engineer Leonardo Espinosa based on official maps and satellite photos.

 In addition to allowing the natural forest regeneration, the company began an Active Reforestation Project since 2008, and has planted nearly 5,000 native trees such as guanacaste, yellow bark, manglillo, amarillón, cristóbal, savannah oak, cocoa, maría, cedar, custard apple, espavel, aguacatillo, manú and sota caballo. Shrubs and ornamental species have also been planted.


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