Ecological explosion in the rainy season of Costa Rica

* Costa Rica becomes greener in the rainy months and in our projects you can experience it intensely

An explosion of green, flowers, fruits, birds and abundant mammals are part of the rainy season in Costa Rica, which is most intense in the months of September, October and November. It is also the time of turtle nesting, whale watching and the arrival of migratory birds.

The Ventana del Pacífico (VDP) real estate projects, on the coasts of the Costa Rican South Pacific, are located in privileged places to intensely experience this ecological festival.

Chontales and Ojochal, in Osa of Puntarenas, have mountains with exuberant biodiversity and beaches around them that are still not crowded and have extraordinary beauty.

“We have seven projects with lots and houses available in Chontales and Ojochal de Osa, where coastal and forest landscapes are combined, providing a wonderful, intense and unique ecology,” explains Jean Marc Levesque, General Manager of VDP

Wildlife explosion

The South Pacific is the region where the tropical rainforest of Costa Rica is located, with a large number of national parks, wildlife refuges, forest reserves, biological stations, tropical scientific research centers and marine protection areas that ensure abundant wildlife around this entire area.

In the rainy months the ecological interaction becomes more intense because there are more food sources, new fruits on various tree species, seeds, stems, flowers and great movement in the forest. And there is also great activity in the marine ecosystems, including the arrival of humpback whales, orcas, dolphins and other species of great attraction for fishing and watching.

At VDP we have properties in the best locations to intensely enjoy all this rainy tropical party!


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