Costa Rica is the best world destination to retire in 2024

* Country ranks number 1 in the Global Retirement Index 2024 ranking, due to its nature and healthy lifestyle

Costa Rica took the first place in the world ranking of the Global Retirement Index 2024, published by International Living magazine.

The country was chosen with an outstanding score due to its tropical beaches, spring climate, natural charms, tax advantages and affordable cost of living, among other reasons.

The Top Ten of the best countries to retire were: Costa Rica, Portugal, Mexico, Panama, Spain, Ecuador, Greece, Malaysia, France and Colombia, in that order.

Costa Rica Costa Rica is one of the happiest destinations in the world with its “Pura Vida” style, and has the perfect balance     between tropical climate, natural beauty, kindness and generosity of its inhabitants, according to the Global Retirement Index 2024  report.


The benefits of nature with its diversity of ecosystems, biodiversity and paradisiacal beaches is the first characteristic that is mentioned among the reasons for choosing Costa Rica as the #1 destination to retire, and these are outstanding attributes in the South Pacific of the country.

“In the South Pacific region we have exuberant nature, the highest percentages of flora and fauna in the country and unparalleled landscapes,” highlighted Jean Marc Levesque, Manager of Ventana del Pacífico Developers, VDP.

“We also have beautiful houses and properties, where retirees and their families can enjoy the relaxed and healthy lifestyle of Costa Rica; They simply need to consult with us”, added Jean Marc Levesque.

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