Ventana del Pacífico joins the campaign against forest fires in Costa Rica

Nearly 9,000 hectares of vegetation were consumed by forest fires in Costa Rica during 2022, predominantly during the summer season, according to data from the Fire Department. That figure tripled the area affected from the previous year.

Ventana del Pacífico Deve-lopers (VDP) has joined with the Fire Department and other organizations in the 2023 campaign to create awareness about fire prevention and reporting by placing signs throughout the South Zone of the country, where it operates.

Beginning in 2020, the company implemented a program to protect the environment against burning, especially in summer, placing awareness signs against scrub burning throughout its projects in Ojochal and Chontales of Osa.

“In previous years, lands in our projects were affected by forest fires caused by unknown persons. To protect our land and the homes and property of those nearby we started this awareness campaign against burning” explained Jean Marc Levesque, General Manager of VDP.

Likewise, the company has provided a sign to the Association for the Administration of the Ojochal Aqueduct (ASADA Ojochal) to be used in their awareness campaigns.

“All of us together can reduce forest fires! Ventana del Pacífico calls on all our clients, friends and collaborators to help prevent fires and report burning by calling 911”, added Jean Marc Levesque.

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