Fire 5

VDP and Fire Department of Costa Rica join forces to prevent fires

* A sloth bear, named YOSO, is bringing you the message of fire prevention this summer season

Thousands of vegetation fires are recorded every year in Costa Rica, especially in the dry season that runs from January to April. This fires affect hundreds of hectares of vegetation across the country.

In order to prevent these incidents in the South Pacific zone, Ventana del Pacífico Developers (VDP) has come together with the Fire Department of Costa Rica to design a fire prevention campaign. This campaign bring the message of fire prevention to schools, networks and communities in the South Pacific.

“Vegetation fires are caused by human negligence, often associated with the intentional use of fire for clearing land,” according to the Fire Department.


The sloth, an iconic and representative mammal of the forests of the South Pacific, was chosen as the central character of the campaign. Its smiling face brings this important message or fire prevention to the public. Many sloths are killed by fire each year as they are unable to flee like other animals.

YOSO is the name of our beautiful sloth, who together with his family are communicating the critical fire-fighting tips, compiled by the Costa Rica Fire Department and available on their website: Don´t make bonfires; Don´t burn garbage, leaves or logs; Don´t throw cigarette butts or matches; if you start a fire never leave it unattended while it is lit; Do patrol your property for hazards or fires.

It is also recommended not to throw combustible objects, glass, cans, plastic on the side of the road, as well as keeping the area around your house clean and free of weeds.

“Forest fires are a serious problem because they not only affect the vegetation cover but also cause the loss of biodiversity and alter ecosystems, since many plants and animals cannot survive the fire. They also cause soil erosion and produce greenhouse gases and increase climate change, in addition to impacting the quality of water and air,” warned Engineer Juan Cedeño, VDP environmental advisor.


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