Wild cat sightings increase in VDP projects in Chontales

* Puma, tigrillo and ocelot were sighted during April and May

Costa Rica has six species of wild cats and three of them have been spotted recently in Ventana del Pacífico’s (VDP) real estate developments in Chontales de Osa.

In mid-April, an impressive adult puma (Puma concolor costaricensis) was the first to be sighted, near the water tanks of Sueños del Trópico, causing quite a sensation among the VDP technical staff who spotted it.

Later in April, a Tigrillo (Leopardus tigrinus) was seen near the river in Trópicos Verdes.

Finally, an Ocelot or Manigordo (Leopardus pardalis) was recently seen crossing the road in Vientos del Sur.

Healthy ecosystem

“The presence of three types of wild cats in our developments is excellent news and shows how healthy the ecosystem is at the VDP lands in Chontales,” said Jean Marc Levesque, General Manager of Ventana del Pacífico.

Currently, the company is protecting more than 300 hectares of forest on the lands that makes up its real estate projects in Chontales.

A recent study revealed that, as a result of VDP’s environmental practices and compliance with environmental legislation, over the last 20 years, the amount of forest coverage on its 677 hectares of land in Chontales de Osa has increase by 100%.

These recovered forests are now a place where wild cats roam, part of a healthy ecosystem along with monkeys, coatis, anteaters, tolomucos and many other mammals, and hundreds of species of birds.

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