Ventana del Pacífico promotes sustainable architecture in the tropics

* Designs and materials for tropical climates are combined with landscaping and native plants to promote biodiversity

Ventana del Pacífico (VDP) is applying the leading techniques of sustainable architecture in a tropical climate to all its real estate projects located in the South Pacific of Costa Rica.

Wide eaves, high ceilings, terraces, building orientation to promote ventilation, natural lighting, upper windows, and environmentally friendly materials are part of the sustainable architecture and construction techniques used by the company.

“Our home designs create harmony with the natural environment and our high-quality materials are selected to withstand the tropical climate while providing the function and comfort our clients expect,” explains María Soto, VDP Architect.

40% green space

Respecting the country’s environmental legislation, VDP home construction never exceeds 60% of the area of the individual property, leaving 40% or more dedicated to natural growth, landscaping and green areas.

“Having your house surrounded by gardens and native plants is the best way to attract wildlife and promote biodiversity.  You can truly enjoy the tropical paradise that is Costa Rica when the birds and animals are part of your living environment,” says María Soto.

Perhaps more importantly, throughout its projects in Chontales and Ojochal de Osa, VDP is actively protecting more than 300 hectares of tropical rainforest.

As a result, the residents in these developments live with monkeys, coatis, anteaters, tolomucos and many other mammals, as well as hundreds of species of birds, including parrots, toucans, parakeets, hummingbirds, tanagers, and orioles, in close proximity to their homes.

Increasingly frequent sightings of wild cats, such as pumas, tigrillos and ocelots, are also thanks to the focus on sustaining these healthy natural environments.

Sustainable construction

VDP also applies sustainable technologies in the construction process itself. This includes the use of:

  • Metal forms to avoid the use of wood in the erection of walls,
  • Environmentally friendly paints,
  • Certified wood, and
  • Septic tanks that comply with the General Health Law.

Tropical modern home design in which the use of wide eaves, openings for ventilation, sunshades and high ceilings is becoming increasingly popular. This favors natural ventilation and lighting, reducing the use of air conditioners and artificial light.



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