Ventana del Pacífico promotes biodiversity and conservation through residential landscaping

* At least 40% of each property is dedicated to green space and  conservation across 2,000 hectares

Ventana del Pacífico (VDP) dedicates at least 40% of its properties to green areas and forests. That amounts to hundreds of hectares devoted to landscaping and conservation in the South Pacific of Costa Rica.

Jean Marc Levesque, General Manager of VDP, explained that this percentage is respected without exception across the nearly 2,000 hectares of land owned by the company, which represents some 800 hectares dedicated to landscaping.

“In addition to these green areas, gardens and wooded vegetation, the company is also conserving another 300 hectares in protected areas, riverbanks and water recharge zones in Ojochal and Chontales de Osa,” said Jean Marc Levesque.

Plants for biodiversity

VDP encourages home building clients to maintain existing vegetation, and to renew the area surrounding their home with plants and shrubs that promote the biodiversity of the area. This includes species whose flowers feed pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

“These pollinators look for the flowers of plants that bloom all year round, like the heliconia, coralillo, rabo de zorro, cinco negritos and San Rafael” explained María Soto, VDP Architect. “That´s why we plant them in our projects and recommend them to our clients,” she added.

Planting and conservation of native trees

VDP has also maintained reforestation and protection programs on its properties since 2005, planting thousands of native trees including cedro amargo, amarillón, caoba, mayo colorado, corteza amarilla, balsa, cristóbal, manglillo and pochote.

The planting of aguacatillo, guarumo and almendro trees is also important. The fruit and seeds of these trees are among the favorites of limpets, toucans, parakeets, parrots, orioles, trogons, peacocks and other birds. Also monkeys, coatis, sloths and other mammals frequent these trees in search of food and shelter.

Wooded area in the Vientos del Sur Project, in Chontales of Osa, where Ventana del Pacífico protects hundreds of hectares and where thousands of trees have been planted to reforest areas that were formerly pastures. Toucans, parrots, monkeys and other species of birds and mammals of the tropical rain forest abound in this area.

Trees, shrubs, ornamental plants and green areas surround the houses that Ventana del Pacífico builds in Ojochal and Chontales of Osa, contributing to the abundant biodiversity of the tropical rainforest environment.  

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