The Costa Rica Whale and Dolphin Festival is back in Costa Ballena

* Whale and dolphin watching is one of the main attractions on the coasts near VDP projects

Three species of whales and five species of dolphins can be seen in the Costa Rica´s South Pacific swimming and making spectacular leaps, especially off the coasts near the Ventana del Pacífico (VDP) projects.

The Costa Rican Whale and Dolphin Festival is held annually in the Marino Ballena National Park. This ecological zone is part of Bahía Ballena of Osa, just 15 minutes from Ojochal and Chontales, where our projects are located.

This environmental event organized by the Bahía Ballena Association of Tour Operators has returned with new strength, after being suspended during the pandemic.

The XIII Festival of Whales and Dolphins took place September 1, 2 and 3, 2023, celebrating the arrival of humpback whales that migrate from Antarctica in the South, and from Alaska in the North, to mate, give birth and feed in the warm and sheltered waters of Bahía Ballena.

Humpbacks, orcas and pilot

In the Costa Rica´s South Pacific you can see two species of humpback whales: those that migrate from Antarctica and can measure up to 19 meters in length, and those from the Northern Hemisphere that measures between 12 and 15 meters in length.

There are two main seasons for humpback whale watching in Costa Rica: the first from mid-July to mid-November, and the second from mid-December to April. These periods coincide with the migratory patterns of these marine mammals. So, don’t worry if you missed the festival weekend, there is still lots of opportunity to sight these amazing mammals.

Pseudo orcas and pilot whales also come to Costa Rican waters, although less frequently.

Five types of dolphins

Dolphins also abound in the South Pacific waters of Costa Rica. The five species that can be observed are the common dolphin, the bottlenose, the Risso, the Roughtooth and the Hilandero, which can travel in pods of up to 100.

The Pseudo Orcas can be observed in the South Pacific of Costa Rica. These were photographed in the Golfo Dulce.

The Marino Ballena National Park, in Osa, Puntarenas, is the site of the Costa Rican Whale and Dolphin Festival.


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